Italy: The day after the election – “The country chose us and we will not deceive it” says Meloni

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In Italy and the day after the elections, the interest of the international community is focused, with the country trying to get out of the climate of the pre-election campaign. The regulator of developments to a large extent will again be the president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

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After the formation of the Parliament in a body, in fifteen days Mattarella will start consultations with the leaders of the parties and will entrust the formation of a government, apparently, to Georgia Meloni. The increased powers of the Italian president, however, allow him to have a say in the composition of the new government and, possibly, to veto certain names. It also happened with the first government of Giuseppe Conte in 2018, with some Eurosceptics who wanted to take over the finance ministry.

This means that the mood for any extreme options can be limited even now. After all, the president of the Brothers of Italy herself has emphasized that she is going to choose a technocrat for the extremely important Ministry of Finance. According to several observers, this position is also due to the fact that her party does not have many experienced executives. But perhaps it is also due to the fear that if she relies only on her collaborators, some dangerous sympathies from the past towards extreme regimes might surface, as stated in her response Deutsche Welle.

Sergio Mattarella as guarantor

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In addition, as far as Europe is concerned, Sergio Mattarella is called upon to take on the role of guarantor. With the aim of not derailing the implementation of the country’s recovery plan, not implementing an extreme immigration policy and not shaking the traditional cooperation with Paris and Berlin. Stress and a lot of work will not be absent in the presidential palace, the Kyrinalio, in the coming months.

We will have to see, finally, whether the Italian conservative faction will try to proceed, as announced, in constitutional reform with the approval of a semi-presidential system. If, indeed, he succeeds, President Mattarella could be forced or “pushed” into resigning. But this whole matter is not of immediate relevance.

“Italy chose us and we will not deceive it”

The Italians entrusted us with an important responsibility. Ora sarà nostro compito non deluderli e fare il massimo per restituire dignità e orgoglio alla Nazione.

Posted by Giorgia Meloni on Monday, September 26, 2022

The president of the Brothers of Italy Georgia Meloni highlighted yesterday in a Facebook post:

“Italy chose us and we will not deceive them. If we are called to govern, we will do so for all Italians, with the aim of uniting this people and emphasizing what unites them and not what divides them. We will work with the goal of making Italians proud to be Italian again.”

“We will put up a tough opposition, Italy will not abandon the European authorities”

The secretary of the center-left Democratic Party Enrico Leta he said a while ago that “his party will make a tough opposition to this deep right and Italy will not abandon European principles and values”.

“Our country will remain faithful to its constitution and its European identity,” Leta stressed, adding that the next government is expected to be the most right-wing government his country has ever known, according to the Athens News Agency.

The Italian former prime minister admitted that he is not satisfied with the election result and that he will not be a candidate for the secretariat of his party next spring.

“We paid for staying for many years in the government, a dialogue will be started with society and for the creation of a broad progressive front”, said Leta.

The Democratic secretary blamed the fall of the Draghi government on Giuseppe Conte’s Five Star Movement.

“We will defend the constitutional values ​​of our country”

The president of the Five Star Movement and former prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, addressed a press conference on the results of the Italian elections and the future stance of his party.

“We will defend the constitutional values ​​of our country, aware that we managed to convince many voters in the last days of the election campaign,” said the former prime minister. “The secretary of the Democratic Party openly pointed to me as the culprit of this defeat. But when defeat is recorded, it is good for a leader not to look for scapegoats,” he added.

Giuseppe Conte announced that “if the new government tampers with the social income in favor of the unemployed, his party will exercise not hard, but very hard opposition”. He called on the conservative faction “to understand that when some forces do not represent the absolute majority of citizens, it would be good not to experiment with attempts to change the Constitution, without having secured the real consent of all the other parties”.

“We are not the party of southern Italy, but a party that registered high percentages in the South. Which gives us the right to contribute substantially to overcoming the North-South gap and to a real economic development in Lower Italy, based on real reforms”, said the president of the Five Stars.

Source: News Beast

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