Italy: The government is preparing energy saving measures

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According to Italian media, the government of Mario Draghi is preparing to approve two new main measures to save energy.

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At today’s cabinet meeting, as broadcast by Rai public television, Energy Minister Roberto Cingolani, in accordance with information, emphasized that from the beginning of October, private and public services, as well as the tenants of apartment buildings, will be asked to limit by one hour a day the use of radiators and to reduce their temperature by one degree at the same time.

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However, according to information from the Italian media, the reduction in operating hours of radiators may be greater in geographical areas of southern Italy, where the winter is milder.

The official announcement of these new measures, as well as new financial interventions to support households and businesses, is expected to be made by Mario Draghi within the next week.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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