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Italy: The Meloni government approved the new immigration and refugee measures

The government Melon approved, at current cabinet, the new measures to deal with it immigrant and the refugee. According to the Italian media, as it was already announced, from now on the upper limit of stay of irregular immigrants in closed centers is to be increased to eighteen months.

This is the necessary time, so that the necessary checks can be carried out and also to repatriate those who are not entitled to international protection“, said the Italian Prime Minister.

We will instruct the Ministry of Defense to establish, as soon as possible, the necessary closed structures. The result of the policy of the previous governments is that the positions in these structures are minimal. The new centers will be created in sparsely populated areas, with ease in terms of the necessary controls, without creating new problems for the various cities of our countryMeloni added.

Finally, regarding the situation in Lampedusa, today there are 1,300 immigrants and refugees in the closed residence center of the island, while – as recalled – it was created with a maximum capacity of four hundred people.

Source: News Beast

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