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Italy: “Thriller” with the decision on restaurants and the number of customers per table

Today they were recorded at Italy 1,968 cases of coronavirus and 59 people lost their lives. In total, 97,633 diagnostic tests were performed, 2% of which were positive for coronavirus. The corresponding rate yesterday was 1.2%, the cases were 2,897 and 62 deaths.

There are 41 fewer patients with Covid-19 in the intensive care units of the country today than yesterday, while in the hospital wards there are 141 fewer.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy, 4,225,163 infections have been recorded and 126,342 people have died.

In terms of daily cases, in the first place is Lombardy (277), followed by Sicily (254) and Emilia Romagna (232) with Bologna as its capital.

In a “thriller”, meanwhile, with constant changes of decisions, the issue of restaurants and the ceiling of customers who can sit at the same table evolves.

The Draghi government, finally, after new consultations with the regions, is oriented towards a new decision, which will provide that indoors a maximum of six people can sit at each table, while in the open there should be no limit .

“As far as the accomplices are concerned restaurants, we are heading towards an agreement with the regions. The white zone is a reward, it would not make sense for these areas to maintain the same rules as the yellow zone. We are returning to normalcy “, stressed the Minister of Regional Affairs Maria Stella Jelmini via Twitter.

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