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Itamaraty assesses that the resolution is the UN’s “first step” in conflict

Itamaraty viewed the resolution approved by the UN Security Council, this Wednesday (15), as a “first step” by the international community against the escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In Itamaraty’s assessment, the language used in the document is not very incisive in condemning the bombings in the Gaza Strip and the attacks that have claimed civilian lives.

However, according to Brazilian diplomatic sources interviewed by CNN was the possible resolution at this time and has the merit of potentially paving the way for other stronger positions from the collegiate in the coming weeks — depending on the evolution of the conflict.

Remember, for example, the fact that the Security Council has not approved a resolution on Israel-Palestine since 2017.

Itamaraty’s perception is that the political cost of a possible US veto has increased significantly in recent weeks. Among those dissatisfied with the Joe Biden government’s stance are wings of the Democratic Party and segments of civil society close to the current occupant of the White House.

Furthermore, recent surveys have shown growing voting intentions for Republican Donald Trump in 2024. One of these states, Michigan, has the largest Muslim population in the United States — although a minority — and gave victory to Biden in the 2020 elections.

In the corridors of the UN, according to reports, diplomats from Arab countries insistently asked Russia — responsible for vetoing other Security Council resolution proposals — not to block the text once again.

However, in order to minimally serve everyone and circumvent possible vetoes, the resolution had very incisive language.

A diplomat emphasizes that verbs such as “appeal” or “urge” are used — instead of “demand” — when points such as humanitarian pauses, the release of hostages captured in Israel and the preservation of civilians in Gaza are mentioned. Hamas was not mentioned in the resolution.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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