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Itamaraty sees impasse and abandons deadlines for Brazilians to leave Gaza

Itamaraty sees an impasse and has given up on establishing public deadlines for the departure of the 34 Brazilians from the Gaza Strip.

According to Brazilian diplomats with whom the CNN discussed, it is no longer possible to establish an estimated date for when Brazilians will leave.

Since the beginning of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Brazilian government has set dates that were never met.

The last one predicted the departure by this Wednesday (8). The Itamaraty has tried to put a brake on the order so that all information on the subject is transmitted only by the chancellor, in order to avoid further wrong predictions.

Even with the opening of the border this Monday (6), the assessment is that there is an impasse between Egypt and Israel. According to Brazilian diplomats, it was provoked by the fact that Israel bombed ambulances supposedly filled with Hamas soldiers, which caused discomfort among Egyptian authorities and led to the closure of the border on Saturday (4).

This scenario will be passed on this Monday (6) by Chancellor Mauro Vieira to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), as well as the diplomatic efforts in the last days of Vieira and the special advisor for international affairs, Celso Amorim. Vieira spoke to his Israeli and Egyptian counterparts.

Amorim spoke with the United States National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan.

The reading is also that not even the criteria for foreigners who left have been clear so far, although there is a perception that this is not something specific against Brazil.

In conversations that CNN had this morning, for example, Spain and Norway are mentioned as Western countries whose nationals were also not allowed to leave Gaza.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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