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“It’s life that goes on”, says Zilu Godoi after Wanessa’s expulsion from BBB24

This Monday (4), Zilu Godoi mother of Wanessa Camargo used social media to give her opinion on the expulsion of her daughter from BBB 24 .

The singer was expelled from the reality show last Saturday (2), after being accused of aggression by participant Davi Brito.

In a video published in the stories of his Instagram profile, Zilu explained that things are not going well at the moment. However, he assured that they should improve soon.

“We are here, filling her with affection and love. Everyone is working, life goes on, keep moving forward. God knows all things, God knows what is best for each of us and He acts according to what is best for us,” she stated.

Without mentioning Dado Dolabella, Wanessa's current boyfriend, Zilu said she will remain at her daughter's house. “So, we cannot judge, attack or do anything other than pray and leave everything in God’s hands. That’s what I believe and that’s what will be done”, he added.

In the end, the businesswoman stated that little by little Camargo is resuming her routine. “Just now she went to get Joãozinho, she is at full steam. Of course things are not going well, but it will stay. I’m sure she’ll stay,” she concluded.

The expulsion of Wanessa Camargo

The decision to produce the BBB 24 about Wanessa's disqualification happened last Saturday afternoon (2), hours after Davi said that the singer slapped him while he was sleeping.

“She saw that I was lying down. There are four beds in that room, did she come and knock on my bed? Furthermore, being provocative is a lack of respect. I was sleeping, man. I even lost sleep,” she said.

“Then when you are in your moment of peace, it has to happen. Something has to happen, get you out of it. This won’t be free,” he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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