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“It’s pornochanchada with a crime film”, says director about “Motel Destino”

“It’s a mix of pornochanchada and a detective film” – this is how the director Karim Aïnouz describes his new film “Destination Motel “. The Brazilian feature film is one of the films competing for the prestigious Palme d'Or the most important award in Cannes Festival .

The French cinema event is considered one of the most important in the industry in the world, receiving as much attention as the Oscar .The Palme d'Or is the most sought after award among competitors; in 2023, “Anatomy of a Fall ” was chosen as the best film at the festival.

“Motel Destino” is one of the Brazilian films selected in the competition. A CNN Karim Aïnouz spoke about the process and themes of the film that premiered at the festival this week and was described as the “sexiest film in Cannes ” by the international press.

The erotic thriller is a crime film that features the genre created in Brazil during the 1970s: pornochanchada, which mixes eroticism with comedy. During the repression of the Military Dictatorship, the trending cinematographic genre in Brazil was exactly films that preached freedom – in this case, sexual freedom, by openly reflecting eroticism on the big screen.

“It has several elements, it has the sense of humor, reverence and boldness of pornochanchada”, explained Aïnouz. “It has this celebration of sex from pornochanchada, so pornochanchada is a great source of inspiration for this film as well as crime cinema.”

“I thought it was a very interesting mix because pornochanchada is such a genre of ours, which doesn't exist anywhere else in the world – in the same way as the motel, the way we use the motel here, it doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. world.”

In addition to the importance of pornochanchada, one of the creative factors of “Motel Destino” is detective cinema: “It is a place that is the place of desire… so the difference is that it also has very strong elements of detective cinema, of cinema noir made in the 40s and 50s, a cinema that talked a lot about characters in helpless and post-war situations, which is how I feel it is done here”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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