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It’s sad to see a drop in polio vaccination in the country, says infectious disease specialist

One week before it ended, the polio vaccination campaign has not reached even a third of the target proposed by the Ministry of Health.

Only 34% of the target audience received the immunizer, and the expectation was that at least 95% of children up to 4 years of age would be vaccinated.

“It is sad to see the decrease in the number of this vaccination”, lamented infectious disease specialist Nanci Silva, in an interview with CNN Radio .

She reinforced that “the vaccine is a victim of its own success, because today we do not see these diseases, the younger population, even doctors, have never seen measles, poliomyelitis, precisely because of the number of vaccinated.”

The consultant for the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases reinforced that the success of immunizing agents is “absolutely indisputable.”

“We know that the vaccine, after basic sanitation, is the most effective way to reduce cases of preventable diseases.”

In this scenario of falling vaccination, Nanci recalls that there is a possibility of importing cases, with the globalized world.

The infectious disease specialist sees the need for the population to be vaccinated and for government, state and municipal authorities to “facilitate this process” and “understand the realities of why people are not seeking the vaccine.”

For Nanci, the responsibility to seek immunizations belongs to “all of us”.

*With production by Isabel Campos

Source: CNN Brasil

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