It’s time for a change

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Unexpected duets: Priscillathe most famous Italian drag queen, together with the beautiful Ignatius Moser, today close to the wedding with Cecilia Rodriguez. Unexpected confessions: Psalm acknowledges having done “bullshit” by going against everyone and organizing the abusive live show in Olbia. Encounters that excite: friends Samuele Bersani and Ornella Vanoni remember Lucio Dalla, an even more special friend.


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It happened a year ago, at2021 edition, the first after the pandemic, of Vanity Fair Storiesthe festival of Vanity Fair which brings together the best Italian artists live.

That of 2022 it’s already here, tomorrow and Sunday, and it will be even more amazing. The city is still Milan, but the location is all new, more glorious, more ambitious: the Giorgio Gaber Lyric Theater (via Larga 14)a city cultural institution recently restored to its former glory.
On the 90-metre stage, in the intimate darkness of the hall, 100 great names of Italian cultureor more than double compared to previous editions, in about fifty talks, they talk about each other, perform, sing, act and they confront each other on the necessary and powerful theme of change. Among them are actors and directors who are rewriting the history of cinema and seriality, comedians and hosts who are revolutionizing the languages ​​of TV and streaming, singers who are already playing the music of the future. Again: creators, writers, key figures of the contemporary world.

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Let’s go into detail and start from the cinema, which has always been the heart of Vanity Fair. For the first time together on the stage of Stories there are Alessandro Borghi and Luca Marinelliwho shared the set de The eight mountains: the audience will ask them the questions. Another first time that makes us very proud is that of Maria Schraderthe director of the awaited film Me too on the investigation that exposed former film producer Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes to the world. It’s still: Antonio Albanese, Claudio Bisio, Massimiliano Bruno, Giuseppe Fiorello, Edoardo Leo, Vinicio Marchioni, Riccardo Milani, Vittoria Puccini… with a series of previews and exclusives on the titles to come.

We continue in the wake of entertainment and we do so by moving from the big to the small screen with a string of incredible names from Italian serials: from the cast of Sea Out to that of Skam Italy accompanied by director Ludovico Bessegatoby the crew of Boris 4 to that of the highly anticipated Call my agent – Italy!, by Lino Guanciale a Maria Chiara Giannettafrom PierPaolo Spollon to Gianmarco Saurino, from Haroun Fall to Pilar Fogliati, from Beatrice Granno to Mark D’Amore

The musical schedule is, if possible, even richer. In strict alphabetical order: Annalisa, Arise, John Caccamoi Like Things, Diodate which closes the second day of Stories, Geneva, Gianluca Grignanii judges of X Factor (Amber, Dargen D’AmicoFedez and RKomi) with the presenter Francesca Michielin, Achilles Lauro which closes the first day of Stories, Emma Brown, Marco Mengoni together with Valerio Lundini in an unprecedented clash, Neki Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Raf, Tananai, Tiziano Ferro paired with Amber Angiolini.
He even sings Drusilla Foer.

If that wasn’t enough: Andrea Delogu gives us a crazy monologue about women on the verge of 40; Mara Maionchi confronts Tommaso Zorzi And Valentina Ferragni with Anna Dello Russo; Fabio Volo confesses; Deda explains the new rap with an unexpected expert, the actor George Bosco; Angela Rafanelli, Giorgia Surina and Paola Turani they reveal the other side of motherhood.
Add network stars Muriel and Mattia Stanga, Lorenzo Luporini and Sofia Viscardi; favorite comedians Maccio Capatonda, Frank Matano and Luke Ravenna; ranked writers Jonathan Bazzi, Francesco Cicconetti, Daniele Mencarelli.

Consider yourself invited. Admission is free and open to allbut it’s always best to book a seat on And if you’re not in Milan or you can’t attend, it’s there the live stream on our website and on our social channels.


Source: Vanity Fair

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