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Ivanov: Bulgaria must help Ukraine with weapons

Ivanov: Bulgaria must help Ukraine with weapons

Democratic Bulgaria co-chair Christo Ivanov told Darik Radio today that Sofia should help Ukraine in the war against Russia in any way it can, including through the supply of weapons, the three-party coalition’s press office said. (“Yes, Bulgaria!”, “Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria” and “The Greens”).

“It is absolutely ridiculous to say that the supply of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine would make us part of the war. Bulgaria is already part of the war,” Ivanov said. Democratic Bulgaria has the sixth largest parliamentary group out of a total of seven and belongs to the four-party governing coalition.

Ivanov said: “We are part of this war because we are a party directly involved. We are bordering the war zone. The important thing is to defend our country. Our best defense is to stand by Ukraine.”

According to Ivanov, the intention to pay BGN 300 million for an upgrade of the Russian (Soviet) construction of the Bulgarian Air Force MiG fighter jet also makes Bulgaria part of the war – but on Putin’s side. “If we give Ukraine bulletproof vests and helmets, we are part of the war, but if we give money to Putin, we are not, right? That is ridiculous.”

“It is in our interest for Ukraine to prevail. Therefore, we must be ready to help in any way we can,” he said.

The possibility of Bulgaria supplying weapons (anti-aircraft systems) and / or ammunition to Ukraine was expected to be on the agenda of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin talks in Bulgaria yesterday, Friday and today.

Prime Minister Kirill Petkov said today that the issue was not discussed between him and Austin.

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