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Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cady train together: “Let’s get the bucket”

With total focus on quality of life, Ivete Sangalo 52, and Daniel Cady 39, took a selfie in the elevator mirror last Thursday (7) ready to “fetch the bucket” at the gym.

According to the nutritionist, the singer’s husband, there is an agreement in their house: if they kick the bucket together, they will pick them up together.

“Let’s get the bucket, my people. Here at home, when we kick the bucket together, we agree to fetch the bucket together”, wrote Cady in the caption of the publication.

But anyone who thinks that working out is the artist’s only bet to maintain a balance of health and well-being is mistaken.

In February, while participating in the “More you” , Daniel commented on the benefits of lemon consumed on an empty stomach as a way of regulating metabolism and weight loss. According to him, Ivete doesn’t give up citrus fruit when she wakes up and during her day to day life.

“She uses it very diluted, half a lemon with a glass of water. It’s already her routine. Sometimes, she gets excited and wants to take it at other times too and I say: ‘Let’s take it easy, let’s use it in the living room now”, she said at the time.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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