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Iza discovers that she is pregnant with a girl and reveals her name; know what it is

Iza 33, is pregnant with a girl ! The singer shared the discovery through her social networks on Monday night (13). Fruit of the relationship with the Mirassol player Yuri Lima 29, the little one will be called Nala .

“Welcome, Nala”, wrote the artist when publishing the “reveal tea” video. Simply put, she and her boyfriend punctured a balloon located in the center of a white question mark (also made up of small balloons).

As soon as they burst, pink confetti fell and made Iza happy. “She is a girl! She’s a girl!”, She celebrated with a few jumps. “Now we will have two girls here”, Yuri celebrated, kissing his beloved’s belly.

The name chosen for the couple's daughter references the live-action film “The Lion King” in which Iza voiced the character Nala.

Source: CNN Brasil

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