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J Beauty-inspired skincare that takes your mind off the beaten path (while protecting your skin barrier)

You want the best ingredients from all over the world enclosed in formulas of J-Beauty effective and easy to use? According to the founders of the deluxe retreat brand Aman Resorts you can find them in the line Aman Essential Skinsuitable for those with the attitude and mind of a traveler, even in their daily life. The brand is the extension into the world of skincare of the universe of Aman Resorts, the chain of hospitality and wellness in breathtaking locations, often UNESCO World Heritage Sites, immersed in the desert, in the jungle, or that rise on paradise islands or that create secret paradises in big cities.

If you are looking for a surrogate of the experience you could have in one of its most sophisticated and holistic spas in the world, those of the chain born in 1988, then evolved thanks to the vision of its president and CEO Vladimir Doronin thirsty for travel and adventure, then you just have to write down you will find everything in the Amn Essential Skin line.

In the destinations of the Aman portfolio you can not only live unforgettable travel experiences, but you can experience the most refined and attentive well-being immersed in the local culture that in some cases mixes with the regenerative approach of medical spa. The Aman resorts, which means peace in Sanskrit, have become synonymous with a lifestyle, and in addition to ski care, they offer a line of perfumes, candles and yoga accessories, to take home, after the stay in one of the wonderful destinations, a pinch of that physical and spiritual well-being found on vacation.

But what distinguishes the Aman Essentials skincare line from the others?
We asked this to Kristina Romanova CEO of the brand and partner of Vladislav Doronin, businessman and real estate developer who bought Aman Resorts in 2014.

«Essential Skin is a range of skin care products produced in Japan that helps create a functional and effective daily routine, supporting the natural skin barrier, promoting deep hydration and protecting from environmental stress. Aman Essentials Skin uses a unique blend of Japanese herbs renowned for their medicinal properties, as well as active ingredients including vitamin C, vitamin A, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The range was developed in partnership with Kosé (the same company that formulates Tarte and Decorté, ed.), a renowned cosmetics manufacturer based in Japan. Aman Essentials worked with Kosé for two years to ensure that the formulations are suitable for all skin types and specific skin conditions, as well as making them pleasant to touch and offering a sensorial experience that takes the mind off things, so that they become a much-loved part of our customers’ daily rituals. Kosé’s philosophy is to prioritise the comfort and safety of its products, also using hi-tech testing and development to ensure that not only are they high performance, but most importantly, they are suitable for everyone at any age.”

Why does the inspiration come from J Beauty?
“I have been fortunate to travel extensively and know the importance of having a routine that can reduce the impact of environmental stressors and keep skin calm and nourished. The Japanese have been integrating medicinal herbs into their daily lives for centuries. These herbal roots and leaves have consistently shown positive benefits in achieving glowing skin. The rich history and proven results of the natural ingredients used inspired me to carefully select Kosé in creating our Essential Skin collection. J-Beauty is traditionally essential in routine and application and not overly complicated, which is also in the DNA of Aman.”

Ingredients like Kalpariane™ a seaweed extract, palo santo, the use of minerals including amethyst and jade and precious metals and natural composite powders of homeopathic silver, gold, copper and pearl, are quite unusual for a skincare line, what is their benefit?
“Our range of products is inspired by the diverse landscapes of Aman destinations around the world and contains 100% sustainably sourced ingredients. The ingredients are intended to transport you away, but also to restore and regenerate the skin in a truly holistic way. These active ingredients have properties that support cellular rejuvenation and microcirculation, such as amethyst, or hydrating and healing properties such as jade, or that improve the firmness and tone of the skin, such as Kalpariane, a protein from the brown algae Alaria Esculenta that also has many other benefits.”

The Aman Essentials Skincare line includes:

Clarifying Milk Cleanser (€99) – A refined cleansing milk that removes makeup and impurities to reveal clear, hydrated skin. Ingredients include phytosterols that mimic the function of cholesterol, which is highly hydrating, as well as lecithin that improves the skin’s moisture retention.

Skin Activating Toner (€99) – A toning lotion designed to soften skin, restore its natural pH balance and infuse moisture. Ingredients include lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates skin, as well as hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant that plumps and hydrates.

Rejuvenating Face Serum (215€) – A powerful serum that rehydrates, reduces dullness and reveals firm, luminous skin. It combines vitamin C to brighten and prevent premature aging with vitamin E, whose antioxidant properties help reduce the impact of environmental stressors, as well as squalane, naturally derived from olives, which increases hydration.

Radiance Face Cream (£200) – A rich, hydrating face cream that promotes smooth, glowing skin. Key ingredients include camellia oil, extracted from camellia seeds and used in Japanese beauty for over 1,000 years, which provides nourishment, and macadamiate phytosterol, a butter-like compound in macadamia nut oil that creates a rich texture and protective layer on the skin.

Illuminating Eye Cream (€285) – A rejuvenating eye cream designed to rejuvenate and brighten the eye contour area, using caffeine to reduce puffiness and stimulate circulation, peptides known to increase collagen production and hyaluronic acid to help prevent premature aging.

Source: Vanity Fair

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