J. Borel: At the December Council the document with the possible measures against Turkey for Varosia

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The EU Foreign Affairs Document will be presented to the Foreign Affairs Council in December with possible measures in response to the unilateral actions of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots in the enclave of Varos. This was stated by EU High Representative Josep Borrell during a press conference shortly after the conclusion of the Council of Foreign Ministers in Brussels.

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“We discussed Turkey’s unilateral action to change the regime in Varos,” Borrell said, a move that runs counter to UN Security Council resolutions and undermines efforts by the United Nations to resolve the Cyprus issue.

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Mr Borrell emphasized that the EU member states had once again expressed their “strong solidarity” with Cyprus and added that this solidarity would be transformed into “concrete proposals on how to deal with the situation”. As Borrell explained, it was agreed to start the process, based on which a selection document will be presented to the ambassadors at COREPER, in order to prepare the ground for the December Council. “The options document for responding to Turkish actions will be presented to the December Council,” the EU High Representative said.

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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