J. Tsounis: USA and Greece at the forefront of the battle between democratic values ​​and tyranny

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The dream of Democracy was born here, in Greece, and it was what inspired the founding of the United States and united our two peoples, emphasized US Ambassador to Greece George Tsounis, speaking last night at the reception hosted by the Consulate General of the USA in Thessaloniki at Anatolia College, for the 4th of July, Independence Day.

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He noted that “today, our countries are at the forefront of the battle between democratic values ​​and tyranny, as we see a sovereign European state face a head-on invasion” and underlined that “our collective response, today, will determine the future of our world tomorrow”.

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“Today, we celebrate the ‘Declaration of Independence’ of the United States of America. We celebrate the quest of a nation and a diverse group of people – representing all walks of life, every sexual orientation, belief or religious belief – who came together 246 years ago and they remain united by a common dream of equality and the “hunt” of life, liberty and happiness for all”, emphasized the American ambassador, pointing out that “this dream of democracy was born here in Greece”.

“This dream of democracy inspired the founding of the United States. It united our people as many brave Americans joined the Greeks and fought courageously alongside them for the independence of Greece 201 years ago, with the cry of ‘Liberty or Death!’ “. It is the promise we have shared since then, that the flame of democracy will never be extinguished”, said Mr. Tsounis, pointing out that “we have a sacred obligation to love and protect these democratic values”.

The American ambassador also referred to the special bond and friendship shared by the US and Greece, forged through the common struggle to defend the values ​​that led to the birth of our two nations, he referred to the immigration of his parents to the United States in search of a better life, the principles and values ​​that were instilled in him, the blessing of living the “American dream”, but also the honor he feels to have returned to his roots to serve as a US ambassador.

Elizabeth Lee- Our two nations were inspired by each other

For her part, the US Consul General in Thessaloniki Elizabeth Lee stated that “the history of the United States and Greece is a history of just that – two partners joining forces to become one” and quoting Aristotle emphasized that this whole is even stronger than the sum of the two parts.

“Our two nations drew great inspiration from each other as we were each forged in twin struggles, decades apart, for independence and self-determination. But our nations share more than just a historical commitment to democracy and the values ​​it entails. , but also a shared history between our peoples,” highlighted Elizabeth Lee.

Referring to the American companies investing in Thessaloniki, such as Pfizer, Deloitte, Cisco and AWS, the US consul general said she is proud that the United States is leading the way in preparing Greece’s youth to lead this new, exciting emerging economy. and based on knowledge, while addressing the audience she noted: “as exciting as these developments are, they are not the threads on which our history is woven, but you yourselves – members of your communities and cities, leaders, educators , artists – who are committed to excellence in your fields, to shared democratic values ​​and to the continued improvement of northern Greece. You are each one of the outstanding pillars of our great story as it continues to grow and deepen,” highlighted Elizabeth Lee .

Both the US ambassador and consul general thanked everyone who responded to the invitation and “attended” tonight’s reception, as well as Anatolia College and its president Panos Vlachos for their “invaluable cooperation,” and toasted a toast to the Greek philosophy and concepts that inspired the founders of the American state “and continue to inspire our work today.” Earlier, the president of Anatolia College, Panos Vlachos, also addressed a greeting.

The US Consulate General’s reception for the 4th of July was attended by – among others – the Deputy Minister of the Interior (Macedonia and Thrace) Stavros Kalafatis, the Governor of Central Macedonia Apostolos Tzitzikostas, members of parliament, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office in Thessaloniki Maria Antoniou , representatives of the Local Government, military, religious, academic authorities and bodies, etc.


Source: Capital

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