Jacinda Ardern with tears in her eyes said goodbye to the prime minister in Australia next to Maori

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THE Jacinda Ardern, its prime minister New Zealandwhich became known for its successful strategy to limit the spread of Covid but also for its stance on the massacre of 51 people in two mosques, unexpectedly announced last Thursday that it would resign after almost six years. “I’m leaving, because having such an important role creates responsibilities and this means that you have to know when you are the right person to lead and when you are not”, he had said. “I know what this job takes. And I know I don’t have enough to match anymore. It’s that simple,” he said.

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THE 42-year-old politicianthe youngest Prime Minister of New Zealand ta last 150 years, she also said she plans to spend more time with her partner, the TV presenter Clark Gayford, and Their 5-year-old daughter, Nev.

Today the outgoing prime minister could not hold back her tears at a gathering of politicians and elders of Maori held in the town of Ratana, 24 hours before handing over the reins of the country to the successor and new leader of the Labor Party, Chris Hipkins. Wearing a traditional Maori garment called a korowai, the 42-year-old Ardern said she was moved and said it was a “great privilege” to serve her country as she praised her successor, “Kiwis”, as the country’s new prime minister is nicknamed. , speaking of a “grounded and practical’ political. However, she hastened to reject the claims that the threats which she often accepted in the last months, was the cause of her departure from power.

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Ardern also thanked her fellow citizens who she said showed her empathy and kindness. “I want you to know that I’m leaving with an older one love and affection for ‘Aotearoa’– as New Zealand is called in the Maori language – and its people”. “I didn’t think this was possible,” said the outgoing New Zealand prime minister.

THE politician she also referred to her partners, stressing that: “I never did this work alone. I did it with these wonderful people who are doing their duty for New Zealand. And I leave knowing that you are in the best hands,” says O The Guardian.

Ardern plans to remain a member of parliament until April and has stressed that she will not run on elections of October. “I am ready to be many things. I’m ready to be ordinary member of parliament. I am ready to be a sister and a mother,” she said.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for greater privilege of my life,” Ardern told the assembled crowd. The speeches were followed by speeches, songs and dances, while Maori elders spoke highly of the outgoing Prime Minister.

Her term as prime minister will end on February 7 at the latest. The general election will be held on October 14, she added.

Source: News Beast

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