Jack Dorsey launched his node on the bitcoin network

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has launched his own node on the bitcoin network. He showed his subscribers a screenshot of the Bitcoind software used to create full nodes in the first cryptocurrency blockchain.

Dorsey quoted Hal Finney’s famous Twitter post on January 11, 2009 as the first mention of Bitcoin. At that time, bitcoin had not yet received such fame to write about it with a hashtag, and before the appearance of its own emoji on the platform, more than 11 years remained.

The screenshot shows that Dorsey’s computer is in the process of synchronizing with the bitcoin blockchain. Full nodes maintain the entire transaction log, including those committed in the past. The blockchain is currently around 325 GB in size and can take up to several weeks to sync with. Dorsey was 2% syncronized by the time the photo was taken.

When asked if he runs the node on the Raspberry Pi minicomputer preferred by many bitcoin enthusiasts, Twitter CEO revealed that his setup is based on the M1 chip, the latest in Apple’s line of Macbook processors.

Dorsey has long been a supporter of the cryptocurrency and admits that one day Bitcoin may become the “own currency of the Internet”, and his company Square is funding the development with grants.


“The Internet wants its own currency. I think bitcoin is by far the best implementation of it. I see no room for change in this matter, given all the people who want one and are working to unleash its potential. The Internet is driven by consensus and created by everyone. Bitcoin has the same model, it is created on the basis of the Internet, ”he said in September 2020.

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