Jack Dorsey: “Twitter May Add Message Support Through The Lightning Network”

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Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey hinted in one of his Twitter comments that the social network could add support for the Lightning Network.

Jack Dorsey expressed Twitter endorsement for the Lightning Network-powered messaging app Sphinx Chat. Dorsey was then asked by one Twitter user to add Lightning Network support to BlueSky or Twitter. Dorsey answeredthat “it’s just a matter of time.”

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The Lightning Network is a second-tier Bitcoin solution designed to provide faster and cheaper transactions by opening channels for users to send and receive payments. Sphinx Chat is an encrypted messaging wallet and service that runs on Lightning.

It is not yet clear what the Lightning Network integration with Twitter will bring. One of the possibilities is the use of micropayments. As of April, the number of Lightning Network nodes on the Bitcoin blockchain grew by almost 94% over the year and exceeded 10,000.In the spring, 1,185 BTC worth about $ 69 million were blocked on the Lightning Network.

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Earlier this month, Jack Dorsey revealed that his payments company Square is considering developing a hardware wallet for Bitcoin.

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