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Jack Nicholson at risk of dementia. The concern of friends who have not seen him for a year

The last time he was seen in public was on October 19, 2021, when he attended a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game with his 30-year-old son Ray. Jack Nicholson, 85, has not been seen in the city for over a year. He lives holed up in his luxurious Mulholland Drive mansion and is widely worrying friends who they suspect he may be suffering from senile dementia.

“He’s made it clear that his home is his castle. But people would just like her to leave the house and show herself around at least to reassure them that she’s fine », an insider confided to the site RadarOnLine. “Jack is in contact with some relatives – in particular his son Ray – but the times of social life are long gone,” added the insider.

Jack Nicholson in his last public appearance with his son Ray, in October 2021

Allen J. Schaben/Getty Images

According to sources, friends fear that the famous protagonist of cinematic masterpieces such as The Shining or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nestas well as three times Academy Award, can reflect the same sad last days of the great interpreter of The Godfather. “Marlon Brando died a recluse after leading a full and colorful life, and it’s him Jack’s friends are comparing him to,” the source revealed. “His children visit, but they are his only link to the world.

It’s like he doesn’t want to face reality anymore and that is very sad.’

His close circle of friends has long believed that the legendary Hollywood actor suffers from dementia. “Jack and I have been friends for years and he never leaves the house … I think his son and daughter are taking care of him,” he revealed to RadarOnLine a friend of Nicholson in September 2021. “The Mulholland Drive community is pretty close and everyone is worried about him. Physically he’s fine, but his mind is gone. It’s really sad to see such a talented actor like Jack leave the stage like this,” he added on that occasion.

Senile dementia, how it manifests itself

As explained by an in-depth analysis of the disorder on the website of the specialist medical group Santagostino.itsenile dementia – or neurodegenerative disease of the brain – «manifests itself with a global deterioration, progressive and linked to organic alterations of the brain, of all psychic activities and behaviorwith particular failure of the intellectual, affective and volitional functions».

It is an insidious disease that has a tendential trend chronic And irreversible. It is characterized by a progressive deterioration of the intellectual abilitiesof the psychomotor skills – included writing And language – of the sphincter control and from one cognitive decline.

This disorder manifests itself, in particular, with the advancement of age, and is strongly related to aging. L’life expectation for a person suffering from senile dementia it goes from 6 to 10 years. However, what can really make the real difference in this pathology is the patient’s ability to care and assist, since it allows the course of the disease to be slowed down and significantly modified.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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