Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco at the amusement park with father Alberto

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The weather was not on their side, but judging by the smiles the weekend of the twins Jacques and Gabriella of Munich it was really special. Thanks to dad Alberto, which led them to Europa Park, one of the most famous amusement parks on the Old Continent. It is located in Rust, not far from Freiburg, where the children had a blast, even in the rain. Together with the prince they attended a Halloween themed parade which was followed by many games and souvenir shots.

To tell the story of the day, a short video published on the Facebook page of the Principality of Monaco, starring not only children but also Albert II, in the not unusual role of a playful father.

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A moment only for three, before returning to the usual commitments. In fact, on Monday 1 November Prince flew to Glasgow for the first United Nations Conference on Climate Change, a theme that has always been close to the sovereign’s heart.

The children followed him, for a more than obvious reason, the absence of his mother Charlène Wittstock, who is still in South Africa. “In the next few days the schools will be closed and I didn’t want to leave them at home alone, so, until their mom comes home, I carry them with me wherever I goThe prince had told People a few days ago. However, there is also another reason, often reiterated by the sovereign, the need for children to get used to being around people and traveling, already thinking about the representative roles that one day they will be called to fill.

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“Of course at six or 7 you can’t take them everywhere because they would get bored, especially at official events, but slowly it is good that they get used to getting to know public life”, the prince had specified. ” Besides the official side, these trips also have more pleasant aspects, and the twins will surely find interest in many things. “They are at an age where there are so many things to discover, it’s fabulous to have these memories with them”, Alberto’s words, mindful of when he too, as a child, traveled with his parents. “They started taking us with them early, but when they left we didn’t hear it was official travel. They would have been with us in their free time, there was a lot of value in that ».

The agenda of the twins has not been made known, but certainly more will be known in the coming days, also because publishing photos of the little ones in their moments of leisure is the norm for Palazzo Grimaldi.

Once back home, Jacques and Gabriella will get ready to finally hug their mother again. At his return home, now, very little is missing, as Alberto anticipated a few days ago. The princess will be in Monaco by November 18, the day of the National Day. The best opportunity to finally see all four of them together.

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