Jaime Lorente in El Cid 2: “I wish I were as brave as a knight”

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Jamie Lorente he is seated on a throne. And no, not figuratively: for the interviews via Zoom he chooses the suggestive scenario of the sets of the series El Cid (now your Amazon Prime Video) and he has a lot of fun putting on the mask of a handsome dark man, which the public has already learned to love The paper house ed Elite. It’s the day of the Italy-Spain match in the Uefa Cup, but he doesn’t say anything, he just laughs, hitting the points against each other as if to say it would be tough. He continues not to speak a word of English, so between the question and the answer of the prompt translator, he practices a vast repertoire of Zoolander looks.

Which, given the baroque scenery that frames it, is decidedly funny.
To tell the truth, throne or no throne, he is still a type of few words and those he wants to share he puts pen to paper on his poems, as he confessed a month ago to Monte-Carlo TV Festival.
Bvlgari testimonial, much courted by brands like Diesel, this somewhat hermetic Spaniard is probably experiencing the golden age of his career. And all this before celebrating his 30th birthday on December 12th, even if this sudden fame came with a price too high to pay. According to what he revealed to the Iberian newspaper El Pais last October, he started psychotherapy to manage it.
But he now prefers to speak only of the El Cid series, to which he returns to lend the face of a national hero, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (Ruy). This fearless 11th-century warlord of humble origins is in constant balance between outer and inner warfare.

What do you think the story of El Cid tells?
«I believe that this story is not just an event relegated to the past, because it has modern contents and it means what it means to be a knight today, that is to endorse values ​​such as honesty.».

What others are you sharing?
“Respect and love: they are the basis of the society of the time and today we call these valiant men and women activists, a concept foreign to that era, but which we understand very well today.”

What was the main challenge of this second season?
“Evolution is emotional, as well as physical: I had the opportunity tointerpret the character in his maturity, when he has quickly abandoned the world of adolescence. He became an adult with a lot of conflicts to deal with e with very difficult decisions to make. We see it quickly transformsrsi in the knight we all know, through a path of suffering and change. I like that it’s really ricco internally».

How much pressure has he endured for having given his face to a Spanish icon of this caliber?
“I really heard a very big responsibility, but it’s all in the profession of acting, you don’t have to fret, the secret is work well regardless of whether it’s a play in a small theater or a giant production. Need keep doing your best with what you have and under any circumstances. If you approach it in this way, the pressure is not felt at all and I understand just that».

The conflicts in history are enormous: was one particularly significant?
“FromWe shot the first and second seasons one after the other so the greatest difficulty I encountered concerns the total absence of time between
two o’clock, I didn’t get to prepare for this new phase of the character and therefore I anticipated the work earlier, also thanks to the help of my agency that obtained the materials well in advance».

The biggest shadow in the past of his alter ego?
“His inner conflicts they relate precisely to the ability to remove the “cross” that his father had entrusted to him with the phrase “loyalty comes before blood”. when ruy start to get rid of the weight of this heredity finally begins to trace its own path».

When fiction meets history, the storytelling bar goes up, true?
“Absolutely, that’s why First of all, I researched a lot and, once I read the script, I tried to extrapolate from all the research work what I needed to play my part in the best way. The next step was to understand the character, stripping myself of all this knowledge to be able to play a real man as well. It is a double-edged sword because I could not be influenced too much by the story: this is a transposition so I added creativity and sensitivity».

Do you feel that you share this very upright moral stature?
“I wish I could say I’m bold and brave like El Cid, but for now I can only wish it.”

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