James Franco admits he had sex with acting school students

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James Franco assumed, this Wednesday (22), that he had sex with students from Studio 4, acting school founded by him in New York, now extinct. In an interview with the podcast The Jess Cagle, the actor broke the nearly four-year silence over a series of sexual harassment allegations brought against him by several women in 2018.

“During my career as a teacher, I slept with students, and that was wrong.” Franco described his line of thinking at the time: “I think I thought: if this is consensual, I think it’s okay. We’re all adults, so…”

In January 2018, the actor was accused of sexual harassment by different women. The case came to light when he was awarded a Golden Globe for his performance in the film. The Disaster Artist, and attended the ceremony with a sticker from Time’s Up, a movement in support of victims of sexual harassment.

It was the trigger for a series of accusations by women about acts of harassment committed by the actor. Among the complainants of the class action filed the following year against Franco are former students and actresses such as Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Violet Paley. In the middle of this year, the process ended with a court settlement in which the actor paid US$2.2 million to the victims.

At the time of the scandal, Franco denied the charges. In the interview released this Wednesday, he spoke about the episode. “At that moment I thought, ‘I’ll be quiet, I’ll take a break.’ It didn’t seem like the right time to say anything. There were people who were disappointed in me and I needed to listen,” he said, adding that he “has been working hard” to improve his behavior ever since.

“Whatever you’ve done, even if it was a faux pas or something wrong you said, there’s probably an iceberg behind this behavior, a pattern we’re not seeing and that won’t be resolved overnight.” stated.

James Franco also reported that after recovering from alcoholism at age 17, sex took over as a new addiction and a form of validation. “It’s a very powerful drug. I was addicted for another 20 years. The ironic part is that I’ve been sober about alcohol all this time. In my head, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m sober. I am living a spiritual life.’ On the other hand, I was behaving in all these other ways, and I couldn’t see it,” he concludes.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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