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Jamie Lee Curtis celebrates 45 years of the film ‘Halloween’ and remembers challenges

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in the film Halloweencelebrated the 45th anniversary of the debut of the first version, in 1978. In a post on her Instagram, close to Halloween (October 31st) she published a photo of Laurie Strode and another in which she kisses the character’s forehead in a version aged.

When recalling the moment the film was produced, she revealed that recording lasted 17 days and that there was not enough budget for production. Furthermore, she dedicated her career success to Halloween and the character he played. Since then, she has become known as the “scream queen”, but has stood out in other genres of cinema, such as comedy.

“45 years ago, a 17-day shoot, a no-budget horror film, Halloween , set in Haddonfield, Illinois, where a young nanny, Laurie Strode, met the man who would terrorize her and her community. It was written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill and was directed by @johncarpenterofficial and a team of young independent filmmakers who came together over three intense weeks in 1978,” Curtis wrote. The film won a remake in 2018 and 2022, with Halloween Ends.

“Little did we know that 45 years later we would be retelling and retelling the same simple story of good versus evil, and that from it a feminist icon would be born, the last girl. That movie and Laurie Strode gave me my career and I continue to have it because of them. This photo was taken for release by @aspictures @micheleromeronyc and summarizes the trauma and resilience of victims of unexpected violence and the human instinct to survive. Happy Halloween!” she concluded.

Laurie Strode’s house has been sold

Earlier this week, the house of character Laurie Strode, from the film Halloween, sold for almost US$1.7 million (R$8.5 million). Located near Los Angeles, California, the property has four bedrooms and sits on a 488 m² plot. The house was built in 1906 and was the filming location for the first version of the horror film, from 1978. The mansion had been for sale since September this year and has a suite and a balcony overlooking the neighborhood.

Source: CNN Brasil

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