Jamie Spears calls for an end to legal guardianship: Britney will be (finally) free

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In the end, the step backwards about which so much has been said has arrived. Jamie Spears, that her daughter Britney has asked for her to be removed from her role as legal guardian, has asked Judge Brenda Penny to be allowed to end her conservatorship. “As Mr. Spears has repeated over and over, all he wants is for his daughter to be okay. If Miss Spears believes ending her conservatorship is right and if she believes she can manage her own life, then her father sees fit to give her this chance, ”explained Vivian Thoreen, Jamie Spears’ attorney.

“This request represents for us an immense victory and an even greater confirmation”, commented Matthew Rosengart, lawyer of Britney Spears. “By exposing Jamie Spears’ wrongdoing, his holding his daughter hostage so he could extort multi-million dollar payments, we forced the gentleman to surrender. There are no agreements to negotiate for him to leave. And if Mr. Spears thinks this is enough to save him from sworn testimony, to spare him from having to answer questions about his misconduct while under oath, he is wrong. Our investigation to bring to light its financial mismanagement and other misdeeds does not stop there, “promised the pop star’s lawyer. presto free after thirteen years from the legal protection of the father.

However, the legal battle is not over yet: the next hearing has been set for 29 September.

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