Jane Alexander: “I miss the Jane who was not afraid of anything”

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The moment is almost surreal: the occasion is the reopening of the restaurant in Rome Medïterraneo in the garden of MAXXI (Museum of the 21st century). You taste a bit of normality after months of hiatus. The space, curated by the Project On architecture studio, lights up with an atmosphere with a grid of lights, while natural ropes, rows of ivy and suspended chandeliers give the location a tropical touch. The waiters parade under the starry sky, rigorously with masks, together with dishes with chickpea hummus with thyme and rice puff, teryaki salmon with fennel and octopus salad with potatoes.

At the tables are seated the excellent guests who enjoy the evening out: there are among others the senator Isabella Rauti, the Paralympic champion of fencing Baby Saw, The actors Giampiero Ingrassia with his partner Veronica, Rocco Fasano, Pino Strabioli e Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis. At our table instead we meet Jane Alexander which tells us about how she lived this period, about the feeling of going out to dinner after a long time, about how the pandemic has changed her and her son Damiano (almost eighteen).

Going out for dinner, discussing with friends or colleagues. Finally, a semi-normality is savored. How are you experiencing this return to life?
“I missed him a lot, and I’m only realizing it now, being here in this location. I missed him so much that you hardly know how to behave and relate. We are still in a kind of limbo. I can’t wait to get back to life as before, even if it will take a while ».

Did you miss social life?
“At the beginning a lot, then not at all, now I miss him again. It’s a bit like when winter ends and you can’t wait to take off your sweaters and put on your summer clothes. Summer has arrived: I want to see everyone. But I must admit that staying at home, in my kennel, was not bad. Rather. I was pleased. I thought a lot, I reasoned about myself and tried to understand myself better ».

What did you find out?
“For example, I’m not as good as I thought I was.”

Are you a little “bad”?
“I was convinced that I was a very good person and I assure you I’m not like that,” she laughs

About summer clothes. How do you imagine this summer?
«I hope it will be a beautiful summer, of rebirth, especially for my son Damiano who will come of age in August. When you have a son who turns 18 you hope he will celebrate the birthday of his life. I’m sorry for the situation, however in July everything should improve right? In the meantime, I took the first dose of Astrazeneca ».

How did it go?
“A little fever and nothing more.”

How did your child experience this period of isolation?
“Bad. I’ve seen him change, he’s become cynical and he’s started seeing things differently than before. Luckily, he’s still empathetic, but it’s been tough for him and all the guys. It was difficult to relate to friends: there are more “shawl” parents and others more rigid, like me. It has been complicated for us adults, let alone for a 17-year-old boy who cannot see his friends and is forced to stay at home in front of a computer to communicate with them. And let’s not talk about DAD (distance learning ed): it is an unsuccessful experiment ».

In the workplace, on the other hand, what awaits you?
“I just got a theater offer, I hope it comes true, I like it very much. The first experience with Love recipes (the show was blocked with the lockdown ed) I was thrilled. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I have read the book for Audible It only works if you shine by Chiara Franchi. There is nothing you love more than reading aloud. It is a book that I recommend, also because I read it with this voice… »he smiles.

Do you miss the TV?
“No, I miss the set more. And I miss Jane so much that she wasn’t afraid of anything. ‘

What are you afraid of?
“I will never tell you”.

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