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Jannik Sinner in the final of the ATP Finals: never before has an Italian reached this far

As Jannik Sinner no one ever. It could have been said at the time of qualifying for the semi-final. Even more can be said now that the South Tyrolean has reached the final after beating the Russian Medvedev: 6-3; 6-7; 6-1. The blue player describes it as a very difficult match, but with extra strength alongside it. «Since I arrived I have felt incredible warmth and energy. This energy you are giving me is crazy.” he said at the end of the semi-final to the Turin audience ATP Finals.

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Three sets and two and a half hours of match are needed to beat the Russian for the third time in two months (in two finals and one semi-final), who had never before been defeated by the Italian who he will face in the final the winner of the challenge between Djokovic and Alcaraz. The challenge will still be very tough, on Sunday 19 November at 6pm.

In the first set, a break was enough for Sinner to bring the result home. The second goes to Medvedev on tie break. The third is an overwhelming 6-1 after the Russian managed to argue with the crowd and get scolded by his wife. Yes, there are families in Turin. In Jannik Sinner’s garage, his father and brother Mark. The mother suffers watching it and you can’t blame her, but it is such a beautiful sight that you can take your eyes off the Turin field where for the first time an Italian can become the master of masters.

Source: Vanity Fair

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