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Jannik Sinner in the wake of Alberto Tomba and Valentino Rossi

In indicating as his models Alberto Tomba and Valentino Rossi, Jannik Sinner has clearly expressed who, how and what it intends to be. On the trail of the two champions, in his way, “à la Sinner”. Not only in the present, but also in the future.

Tomba and Rossi – in fact – universally recognized for the talent they had, for the triumphs achieved and for the lightness with which they celebrated them – had a more decisive role than others in the growth of the respective discipline practiced, skiing and motorbike racing . It is thanks to Tomba, in fact, that skiing became popular again in the 80s and 90safter the long wave of the Blue Avalanche led by Thoeni had warmed the hearts of Italians, without however inducing them to en masse reach more or less pleasant mountain resorts, put on their skis, fight against the cold and begin to see if it is really It is possible – as it seems – to maintain balance while surfing in the snow.

With Tomba all this happened. The push that the Bolognese gave to skiing was very strong. Tomba demonstrated that one could be born in a city of plains and rolling hills, Bologna, and at the same time manage to emerge, indeed, to be the best in the world. When Tomba stopped, in 1998, Sinner had not yet been born. But it is significant that when little Jannik went down the slopes of Pusteria he was thinking – as he himself admitted – of the most Gascon and unpredictable skier in the history of Italian skiing.

Perhaps this ability to be different from everyone else also has an impact on Jannik’s choice of sports models. It goes for Alberto Tomba, it goes – excuse the pun – also for Vale, i.e. Valentino Rossi. Their style, their pose, their way of being in the world. And the ability to attract a transversal audience, which spanned Valentino transformed motorbikes into a pop event. Helped by television, as happened to Tomba (it is always remembered that he managed to interrupt a Sanremo Festival to allow spectators to follow his race) and as is happening to Sinner.

Rossi opened and closed an era of MotoGP. For twenty years he didn’t just win (that wasn’t enough), but he did it in a special way, creating that extraordinary empathy that no other colleague today can boast. Rossi has always cultivated his enormous talent, as has Tomba, with great seriousness, demonstrating that you can win even with a smile.

In this regard, as demonstrated by the post-defeat with Alcaraz in the semi-final of the Rolland Garros, Sinner went even further: he showed Italians that you can also lose with a smile, without complaining, without casting shadows on your opponent’s victory, without cursing fate or a more or less complicit tennis ball. This is what makes it unique. In the wake of two champions such as Alberto Tomba and Valentino Rossi, Sinner is popular because he is not homologated. And he. Jannik Sinner, a special champion.

Source: Vanity Fair

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