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Jannik Sinner: the right time

This article is published in issue 21 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until 21 May 2024.

Polite, kind, ironic, surprising, nice. In a word: disarming. At 22 years old Jannik Sinner is a champion on and off the pitch, he is the son everyone would like to have. Able, with his wise and measured words, to calm in an instant the disappointment and controversy over his forced absence in recent days at the Rome tennis internationals due to the hip problem that had already prevented him from the final stages of the tournament of Madrid, and which, in case of victory, would have allowed him to become the number 1 tennis player in the world. A painful but necessary choice for an extraordinary athlete who has accustomed us too well. And with his unmistakable smile he makes us understand that he has already learned a lot from life, and in particular how haste never brings anything good.

We like her like that, but is there anything you would change about her?
«I'm very competitive and this is good in my job, because when you go on the pitch you have to be. But sometimes, even though I've improved today, I let myself be influenced by frenzy. Being calmer could help me.”

He always has calm reactions, though.
«Yes, but I'm talking about the urge to rush, the desire to do everything right away. Sometimes you have to know how to wait.”

In fact it appears she did so during the Australian Open final against Medvedev.
“Exact. I waited for the moment, that moment when I couldn't make any more mistakes. He came and I won the set. From there I realized I still had a chance, and I took it.”

Rome welcomed her warmly, despite the disappointment of her absence on the pitch. What message do you send to young people who consider you an example?
«To have fun in what they do or choose to do, but above all to know how to accept difficulties, because sport is like that, everything can't always go smoothly. Once the crisis is over you understand even more the importance of what you do. But the fundamental thing is the company you have on your journey, who is next to you. Success is a momentary feeling: you're over the moon because you won, you're pissed because you lost. But it's who you're with that matters most.”

Is he comfortable in his skin?
“I would say yes. And today, after having undertaken this adventure, having joined the large La Roche-Posay family, even more so: it is helping me learn new things, it makes me grow, it makes me more aware. I always used sunscreen because my mother forced me to because of my pale skin. Plus, we lived in the mountains and I skied. But I didn't know many things about it. For example, it should be applied even when it is cloudy. Important lessons for a young person.”

How important is the physical appearance and beauty of a tennis player for the media impact?
“I don't know (laughs), I am someone who dresses normally, I don't like to stand out, but I find that self-care is right, an investment for the future. Regardless of appearance.”

And what would you never change about yourself?
«I don't like to speak well of myself! However, I would never want to be different from the boy I am and from what my parents made me become. I like the idea of ​​being able to control myself. It's important”.

But is the cap he always wears during matches protective, strategic or superstitious?
“It's part of me, a habit I've always had.”

If you have to choose a holiday location, what do you prefer?
«For me, who lives in Monaco, the real holiday is going back to my home, to my parents. In three days there, in the midst of all that peace and that nature, I recover everything.”

Red hair. A distinctive sign. Usually synonymous with great personality. How did you experience them?
«It's a bit special, there aren't many of us. I've always taken it as luck. As a child I wore long hair because I hated, and still hate, going to the hairdresser.”

What was your adolescence like? Has sport taken anything away from you?
«No one has ever forced me to do anything. Of course, a choice like mine takes away your time with friends and family. I didn't spend much time with them, now I'm trying to catch up. But perhaps it was this forced abstinence that made every moment even more special today.”

His idol.
«Always Roger (Federer, ed.). But also Valentino Rossi and Alberto Tomba, people who trained me and made me understand what I wanted. And where I wanted to go.”

His obsession.
“Work. I feel bad when I can't train or I can't do what I have to do. My drug is daily fatigue. Only in this way do I feel good, with a clear conscience.”

Always on the field

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Source: Vanity Fair

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