January without alcohol, or «Dry January», because it is good for the skin

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If you like to drink a glass of wine every night, thinking about staying a month without alcohol can seem very punishing. Yet, given that the chances of going out for dinner in this period are not many, the Dry January 2021, the dry January with a detox action, may be easier than expected. A month without alcohol is good for the body and the skin.

First, alcohol dehydrates because it increases the dispersion of water from our body making the skin appear duller and with fine wrinkles much more visible.

So by removing wine and cocktails, your face will look less tired and much more radiant.

Second, alcohol and collagen have a very close relationship. «Alcohol reduces the levels of vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that also plays a key role in the production of collagen. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin, which causes the volumes of the face to slide down, therefore alcohol accelerates the aging process of the skin, “explained Dr. Imogen Bexfield, Medical Director of White Swan. Aesthetics.

On a skin stressed by the excesses of the holidays, (does the wine face tell you something?) The improvements of a detox plan are seen after about 28 days that’s why Dry January is effective. “It takes about 28 days for the skin to renew itself,” says Imogen. “This process varies from person to person and depends on age, so to see an improvement on the skin you should stop drinking for at least a month.” After this time, the skin should appear more hydrated and plumped, radiant and with a healthy complexion.

Alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugars with an inflammatory effect. Sugars trigger the phenomenon of glycation, or the bond between sugars and proteins that gives life to molecules called AGEs that act negatively on collagen and elastin fibers, causing sagging skin and wrinkles

To compensate and reduce the negative effects of alcohol, you should always alternate a glass of water, drink plenty of water during the night and, the next day, take a cold shower with a restorative effect for swelling. It improves circulation and helps eliminate toxins. For a shock action on the face, there is the solution practiced by stars like Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss: ice on the face created by water added with cucumber. «Sinking your face in the ice is the best beauty trick I’ve learned to mask tired eyes and to revitalize the skin. Just fill the sink or bowl with ice cubes, cold water, and cucumber slices and hold your face in them as long as you resist. This instantly reduces swelling and firmer skin, ”revealed Kate Moss.

Without alcohol, you sleep better. This has a positive effect on mood, concentration and productivity, but also on appearance. If sleep is disturbed, in addition to dehydration and a hangover, dark circles, bags under the eyes, probably the face will be swollen.

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