Japan begins to sell clothes with fans so that pets do not get hot

Japan begins to sell clothes with fans so that pets do not get hot

Lomitos and michis are very important for all their owners. We not only care about their food, health and comfort, but now, with climate change, we pay more attention to their care. Thinking about whether it is too cold or too hot for them is a constant question we ask ourselves, because they are part of the family! and it is natural that we want the best for our pets.

Because of that normal concern of any Karen, in Japan, the maternity clothing company Sweet Mommy created clothing for pets with cooling portable fans. Ella president Rei Uzawa mentioned that the idea came to her when she was walking her puppy and saw how she was suffering from the heat.

This invention consists of a device added to the vests that we all already know, which are made with breathable mesh. Its creator had the objective of looking for portable fans, that the lomitos or michis could load without representing an inconvenience. The fan weighs 80 grams, runs on batteries and when turned on, allows air to circulate around the animal’s body.

Due to the unbearable heat in Japan, before the appearance of these clothes, pet owners preferred to avoid walks, on the recommendation of the authorities. The problem began when the hot season dragged on and people came up with the idea of ​​walking their pets with bags of dry ice.

According to Guardian, the use of fans to withstand the heat is something new in pets. However, construction workers had already made them popular to withstand prolonged periods outdoors.

As in other countries, Japan has had to deal with very high temperatures. For example, the city of Tokyo experienced the longest heat wave on record at the end of June, with temperatures reaching 35ºC for nine days in a row.

We must ensure that our little animals do not go out for a walk when the heat is at its peak, I say, while we get this type of vests. What do you think? Would they put it on their puppies?

Source: Okchicas