Japan: “Burning” by the worst heat wave in 147 years

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The worst heat wave in 147 years still affecting most of the east Japan for the seventh day. In the area around Tokyo the temperature has been above 35 degrees Celsius for a week, while the weather conditions are not expected to change over the weekend.

In town Nagoyain western Japan, the thermometer is predicted to touch them 40 degrees Celsiuswith temperatures expected to drop on Monday.

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In town Isezaki the thermometer showed today 40.3 pointsthe highest temperature recorded so far this year in Japan, while in central Tokyo the thermometer reached 37 degrees.

Japanese authorities did not issue a warning of potential power outages for the first time this week, although power generation problems remain amid rising energy prices, raising concerns appeals within the government to restart more nuclear reactors.

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Καύσωνας στην ΙαπωνίαΚαύσωνας στην ΙαπωνίαHeatwave in Japan

The government, as reported by APE-MPE, warned that the hazardous weather will persist and encouraged people to relax wearing masks outdoors. “As it increases the risk of heat stroke, please take off your masks outdoors if you are away from others and not talking,” Deputy Cabinet Secretary Shieji Kihara told a news conference.

In the greater Tokyo area, where a total of 37 million people live, the electricity system reached its limits yesterday Thursday. But the situation improved today thanks to the measures adopted by the authorities.

Some factories have reduced their operating hours and companies have asked workers to shut down machinery that is not in use. Escalators have been shut down at some train stations, while an amusement park in Yokohama, near Tokyo, turned off its wheel lights overnight.

Καύσωνας στην ΙαπωνίαΚαύσωνας στην ΙαπωνίαHeatwave in Japan

Japan often experiences high temperatures in the summer. Last year many events at the Tokyo Olympics had to be postponed due to the heat, but this June’s heat wave broke all records and caught the authorities unprepared.

The heat followed a short rainy season that in some parts of Japan lasted just two weeks, leaving dams almost empty and prompting authorities in some areas to ask citizens not to waste water.

A tropical storm may pass through Japan next week, dropping temperatures.

Source: News Beast

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