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Japan: Dog “saved” 50-year-old man who suffered a heart attack

A dog in Japan was instrumental in saving a man who suffered a heart attack in an equestrian club.

5-year-old Kume saw a 50-year-old man collapse after suffering a cardiac arrest at the equestrian club in Wakabaku in Chiba, Japan. Immediately, she started barking incessantly, which alerted the staff that something bad had happened as Kume is usually quiet and inaudibleas they confided while speaking to local and international media.

“She is usually calm and barks on rare occasions,” said Yuna Maruo, a trainer at the equestrian club. “But when there’s an emergency, Kume barks”.

The dog’s reaction immediately mobilized the staff and help arrived on the scene, catching the patient before it was too late. The Fire Service praised the dog’s effort, describing the effort of Kume and the equestrian group workers as “perfect”. The man has since returned to the equestrian club and is in good health.

Koume, meanwhile, was awarded a special diploma by local Fire officials for her bravery.

This, however, was not her first act of bravery, as she had previously given notice when one of the group’s horses attempted to run away, and also after the injury of another.

Source: News Beast

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