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Japan has the world’s most expensive ice cream made with truffle and gold; ball costs BRL 31 thousand

Keep your hands steady: a scoop of this exquisite delight will likely cost more than all the ice cream you’ll have over several summers. Called “white night” in Japanese, the dessert is currently selling for 880,000 yen or the equivalent of R$31,700 a serving, officially making it the most expensive ice cream in the world, according to last week’s Guinness World Records. .

Japanese ice cream brand Cellato calls the white night gelato on its website, and the name is a hint at its Italian origins. Sourced exclusively from Alba – home to what many consider the best white truffles in Italy – this ingredient alone can fetch up to two million yen or R$72,000 per kilo, according to Guinness World Records.

The ice cream is finished with an edible gold leaf, two types of cheese and “Sakekasu”, a pasty ingredient derived from the sake brewing process.

“It took us over 1 year and 5 months to develop, with a lot of trial and error to get the flavor just right,” a company representative told Guinness World Records earlier.

The world’s most expensive ice cream from Japanese manufacturer Cellato is a combination of luxury ingredients from Italy and Japan. The company said its mission is not just to make expensive, mouth-watering desserts, but to create a culinary adventure that fuses European ingredients and traditional Japanese foods.

To that end, it brought in Tadayoshi Yamada, head chef at RiVi, an Osaka-based restaurant known for its French-Japanese fusion cuisine, to lead the project, according to Guinness World Records.

The desert is available for sale in Japan and ships directly to consumers, according to Cellato’s website. The treat sample comes with almost equal precision, as Cellato lays out meticulous steps to guide the way it should be consumed once it arrives.

Customers are instructed to pour the white truffle into the right texture once the ice cream has softened, before mixing it with a handcrafted metal spoon given to them. They are advised to let the ice cream thaw at room temperature or microwave it at 500 watts for 10-20 seconds if the texture is too hard.

While the Guinness World Records team didn’t get a chance to sample the dessert, Cellato previously hosted a tasting session for its team, who described the treat as “rich in flavor and texture.”

In addition, they recommended pairing the tasting with sake or a French white wine. Cellato, which also has a black truffle-based offering on its menu, said it plans to diversify its high-end lineup to include champagne and caviar in the future.

Source: CNN Brasil

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