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Japan parliamentarians will investigate UFO threat to national security

Japanese parliamentarians created a group on Thursday (6) to investigate UFO sightings, according to information from The Japan Times.

For politicians, reports regarding unidentified flying objects should not be dismissed immediately because they could be surveillance drones or weapons.

“It is extremely irresponsible for us to resign ourselves to the fact that something is not identified and continue to close our eyes to the unknown,” said group member and former Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada, according to the Japanese newspaper .

The group of parliamentarians has more than 80 members and asks the Japanese government to increase its capabilities to detect and analyze unidentified objects or phenomena, also known as UFOs, according to the newspaper.

It was also reported that last year, Japan’s Defense Ministry said it “strongly assumes” that flying objects spotted in Japanese skies in recent years were surveillance balloons sent by China.

Congressman Yoshiharu Asakawa, a member of the group, said that in Japan UFOs have long been seen as “a hidden issue that has nothing to do with politics.”

But the Japanese politician added that if “state-of-the-art secret weapons or disguised spy drones are discovered, they could pose a significant threat to the nation’s security.”

Japanese parliamentarians are pushing for Japan to create an equivalent to the United States Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) and further boost intelligence cooperation with the Americans.

UFO investigation in the USA

Last year, the United States government received dozens of reports of unidentified anomalous phenomena, also known as UFOs, every month, according to the director of the office created in 2022 to investigate the incidents, AARO.

The expert further stated that there was potential for “hundreds, if not thousands” of more reports in the near future.

The department received approximately 800 reports of unidentified objects to investigate in April 2023, up from 650 in August 2022, Sean Kirkpatrick, who heads the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the Pentagon, told CNN .

Almost all new reports refer to objects observed in the air; only one would be from a maritime sighting.

According to The Japan Times, an AARO report last year designated the region stretching from western Japan to China as a “hot spot” for UFO sightings, based on trends between 1996 and 2023.

The department later concluded in a review that there was no evidence of alien technology or attempts by the U.S. government to hide it from the public, according to Japanese newspaper reports.

Extraterrestrial UFOs in Japan

In April, the CNN reported that Japan’s top government military official revealed that the country’s Air Self-Defense Force (ASDF) had never encountered an unidentified extraterrestrial flying object.

Responding to a question from former fighter-turned-parliamentarian Antonio Inoki, Defense Minister Gen Nakatani told the Japanese parliament that its jets have, to date, never encountered any UFOs from outer space.

“When the Air Self-Defense Force detects signs of an unidentified flying object that could violate our country’s airspace, it sends fighter jets if necessary and makes visual observation,” Nakatani said.

Inoki claimed to have seen a UFO with his own eyes, but admitted that he did not know if aliens existed.

The episode was not the first time that Japanese politicians have discussed the implications of visitors from another planet.

In 2007, then Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba discussed the legal ramifications under Japan’s constitution of defending against an invasion from outer space.

See images of UFO sightings around the world:

Source: CNN Brasil

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