Japan: The specific monetary policy tools are decided by the BoJ – Fumio Kishida

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The specific monetary policy tools are the decision of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), including yield curve control, negative interest rate and the purchase of ETFs“Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said early on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

Additional comments

The Government and the Bank of Japan have agreed to cooperate closely to carry out agile policies, with the aim of achieving economic growth parallel to wage increases and the sustainable and stable achievement of the inflation target.

It is premature to mention the possibility of revising the joint statement of the Government and the BoJ at this time, since the next BoJ governor has not been decided.

He will make the appropriate decision on the next BoJ governor while watching future economic trends.

To appoint the next BoJ governor based on the candidate’s qualifications at the end of Kuroda’s term on April 8.

Source: Fx Street

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