Japan: Tokyo complains of Russian and Chinese bomber overflights

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Overflights from its bombers Of China and her Russia complained the Japanwith Tokyo formally protesting in Beijing and Moscow, expressing its serious concerns.

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According to the French Agency, o Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kisi stated that the overflights took place near Japanese territory, resulting in take off Japanese fighters to stop them.

In fact, Reuters reports that these are common Sino-Russian flights took place while Tokyo hosted the Quad summita informal alliance in which participate the leaders of USAτης Japanτης Australia and her Indiawho are concerned about China ‘s growing military influence in the Asia – Pacific region.

Beijing – Moscow supports joint patrol high schools

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The Ministry of Defense of Russia issued a statement on the incident and said that Russian and Chinese military aircraft conducted joint patrol exercises in the Asia-Pacific region. THE joint patrol lasted 13 hours over the Sea of ​​Japan and Eastern China Sea and included Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers and Chinese Xian H-6 jets, the statement added.

At the same time, he noted that Japanese and South Korean Air Force planes watched Russian and Chinese jets for a section of high schools.

Also, the Chinese Ministry of Defense For his part, he said that Chinese and Russian military aircraft were conducting a joint air patrol today, as part of the “annual military cooperation plan”.

Source: News Beast

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