Japanese restaurant creates spacecraft-like lanterns to keep customers safe

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For a few days, the hotel restaurant Hoshinoya in the Tokyo of Japan started offering dinners chochin. The traffic lights chochin has long been a permanent feature of focus points as well as businesses in Land of the Rising Sun.. The hotel redesigned them as partitions between roommates.

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Custom-made lanterns hover over the head of each attendant, allowing him to take off his protective mask during the meal. The main purpose of the idea is for the attendees to be able to enjoy a discussion at the table without the risk of not hearing exactly what their interlocutor said or of not being able to read the other person’s facial expressions. They can even exchange fearless angry conversations without the risk of coronavirus carrier droplets being launched.

The Hoshinoya Tokyo chose lanterns that the lantern store, which has been recognized for many years, manufactures Kojima Shoten, which was founded in Kyoto during the Edo period. They have a diameter of 75 cm, a height of 102 cm and have a large transparent section of vinyl 0.15 mm thick. Built-in light gently illuminates the face of anyone who enters under the traffic light.

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The «Tokyo Lantern Dinner», with a la carte menu that listens to the name “Nippon cuisine ~ Fermentation ~”, takes place in a private area with an area of ​​40 square meters and whose air is renewed five and a half times an hour (Japanese legislation on building issues requires renewal 0.5 times an hour).

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