Japanese worried: Two-thirds of citizens do not believe the country can host safe Olympics

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The Japanese are worried as a large percentage of them believe that the country can not safely host the Olympic Games in the midst of the new wave coronavirus.

According to a poll published in the Asahi newspaper just four days before the opening ceremony in Tokyo, two-thirds of Japanese citizens have this opinion.

68% of respondents in the poll expressed doubts about the ability of the organizers of the Olympic Games to control coronavirus infections, with 55% indicating that they oppose their conduct.

Three-quarters of the 1,444 people who took part in the telephone survey said they agreed with the decision to ban spectators from the Games.

As cases of covid-19 are growing in Tokyo, which remains in a state of emergency, raising public concern that hosting an international sporting event with tens of thousands of athletes from around the world, as well as officials and journalists, could accelerate coronary transmission. in Tokyo and to introduce new mutated strains of the virus into the country, possibly more contagious or deadly.

Olympic Committee officials announced yesterday Sunday the first cases of covid-19 between participants in the Games in the Tokyo Olympic Village, which is expected to host 11,000 athletes. As of July 2, the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have announced 58 cases of coronavirus among athletes, journalists and officials.

Also on Sunday (18/7) six British track and field athletes and two members of the British delegation were forced to isolate themselves after someone on the same plane with them to Japan tested positive for covid-19.

“Many athletes may attend parties or events before going to Tokyo “So there is a risk of them becoming infected in their own countries,” said Kozi Wanda, a professor at Tokyo International Health University and a government adviser on managing the health crisis, according to the Athens News Agency.

The latest wave of the Tokyo pandemic follows four previous ones, the deadliest of which was in January. A total of 1,410 new cases of covid-19 were reported in the Japanese capital on Saturday, most since the beginning of the year, with the number of new infections exceeding 1,000 for the fifth day in a row.

Most new cases affect young people, as most older people in Japan have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, although only 32% of the general population has been partially immunized.

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