Jasmine Carrisi and the red carpet with her father Al Bano in Venice 2021

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Jasmine Carrisi made his debut alongside his father Al Bano on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival 2021. The twenty-year-old, radiant and dressed in red, is very attached to her father who has always supported her dreams in the world of entertainment. So much so that last year he wanted her by his side in the role of judge of The Voice Senior.

The eldest daughter of Al Bano Carrisi and Loredana Lecciso (returned as a couple for over a year) was appeared with her father also to the presentation, last July, of Stikide, the reggaeton song in which she sings with Deny K and Kiko El Crazy.

Jasmine grew up on bread and notes. So it is not surprising that he wants follow in the footsteps of the father. “I’ve always wanted to, but I’ve really been working on it for a couple of years. At first I was younger and I didn’t want to expose myself, now it is I have grown up enough to be able to get by and try to enter this world», He recently told Today. Explaining that his bulky surname it is not always an advantage: «On the one hand, it certainly brings you more audience, it creates more interest, but at the same time I have to fight with people’s prejudices. Even if then I let them slip on me and take it more as a challenge to prove something ». He hadn’t said anything about his new record to dad: «I made him listen to the piece I had already recorded last summer. And he liked it. Both he and mom leave me quite free, even if I always ask him for a reply ».

In Jasmine’s life in addition to music and college (she studies Communication Sciences), there is a fiancé: Alessandro Greco, a peer known at school. The two they have been a steady couple since 2020 nor the lockdown imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic has kept them away. In fact, the couple chose to spend it in the beautiful Al Bano estate in Cellino San Marco. And there they were official presentations. According to the gossip Alessandro liked the whole family: dad Al Bano, mom Loredana, and also Jasmine’s nineteen-year-old brother, Albano junior known as Bido.

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