Jason Momoa gets a tattoo on his head and his fans accuse him of losing his charm

Jason Momoa gets a tattoo on his head and his fans accuse him of losing his charm

Hawaiian tattoos originated in Polynesia, a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, where the practice of this art began, which is closely linked to ancient laws and is traditionally done with needles made from bird beaks and claws.

These tattoos have great cultural weight, as they reveal the roots of their bearer, as well as their connections and even social status. That’s why actor Jason Momoa, originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, proudly wears his tattoos with tribal design, which has been made over 43 years.

On September 15, the beloved 43-year-old actor used his account Instagram to publicize his latest design, the one that was bravely applied to the left side of the skull. The tribal, now part of his lookis made up of three stripes of arrows that go from the neck to the beginning of the forehead.

Through a video, before revealing his new acquisition, the star of Aquaman He talked about how proud he is of his roots:

I am proud to be Hawaiian, proud to travel on Hawaiian Airlines. The best part is finally going back to New Zealand […] Hawaiian Airlines love you and I have something special for you. The war chief is coming, baby.

In the following clip we leave you the revelation of the tattoo.

According to Momoa’s representative, the tattoo “is a huge piece and is related to his Hawaiian roots and culture.” In addition, the actor himself declared that it is a design that he had wanted to do since he was 20 years old and that it was now possible due to the art of Sulu’ape Keone Nuneswho shared the following message at the bottom of an Instagram post documenting the process:

Many ask me if the work I do is done with traditional tools, for many it is an archaic way of working, for me it is the only way. […] The whispers of the ancestors come through the song of ‘hahau’ and it is the rhythm of the breath that gives us life.

Finally, some of the feedback Jason Momoa received from his fans They were surprised and supportive. However, others mentioned that he is losing his appeal, but we doubt that it is something that the actor will lose any sleep over.

Source: Okchicas