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Jason Momoa gives the coat to Kate Beckinsale: air of flirtation? “No, pure chivalry”

Ops, Jason Momoa he did it again. He gave his coat to a lady during one of the most glamorous appointments of Hollywood. The lucky one is Kate Beckinsale and the gallant gesture took place, under the eyes of the paparazzi during the after party of Vanity Fair at the 2022 Oscars. The actor of Aquaman was chatting at the Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills with the couple of Rita Ora and Taika Waititi. At one point the Underworld diva, wrapped in a black nude lace dress, began to feel the chill of the night and her colleague / friend / possible flirtation noticed it and immediately remedied it.

If the scene is familiar it is deja vu. The 42-year-old Hawaiian has already done something very similar to Golden Globe 2020. During the ceremony, he remained in his tank top when ex-wife Lisa Bonet started getting goosebumps because of the air conditioning. Banned from etiquette and labels: even at the cost of appearing in the queue at the service station rather than in line for a noble appointment, the artist gave the jacket to his then wife. The 49-year-old Londoner, also known for romantic comedies such as Serendipity, she very much appreciated the help and continued to smile at the photographers, clearly satisfied. Whether she was relieved by the warmth or happy with the attention she is not known. Jason Momoa, on the other hand, specifies: «What a madness, everyone asked me if we were dating. No, no, it is it was pure chivalry, the lady was cold“. He told this to Extra’s microphones on March 5 on the red carpet of the film’s premiere Ambulance.

Apparently, there was no romantic twist: the actor explained that they were talking about England, Beckinsale’s hometown, where Momoa spent a lot of time filming. Aquaman 2. And she went on to say that the colleague is “very kind, we had a good time and I was a gentleman. Anyway it’s not that soon my coat to anyone“.
Kate Beckinsale has been married for 15 years to director Len Wiseman, after divorcing Michael Sheen with whom she had a daughter, Lily (23). On another red carpet, that of The Batman in New York (where he was to support ex-stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz), meanwhile Jason Momoa spoke for the first time about the separation from Lisa Bonet, 54, after 5 of marriage. The two are parents of Nakoa-Wolf and Lola (13 and 14 years old).

Source: Vanity Fair

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