Jason Momoa moved to live in an RV (after divorce)

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Disheveled and in a shirt with holes in it. So it appeared Jason Momoa for the first time since the announcement separation, after 17 years, from Lisa Bonet. The actor of Aquaman he moved to live in a motorhome and was surprised by the Sun right outside the new residence.

Do not think however that the Khal Drogo’s Game of Thrones has suddenly turned to nomadism: the camper, a 2018 vehicle worth $ 750,000 (bought with the earnings of Aquaman), it’s actually a real mobile home (which are very common in the United States) and Momoa has always used it as accommodation, instead of hotels, when the sets she starred on were far from Los Angeles, because – as she confided a friend to the British tabloid – “He’s certainly not the type of a private jet or a luxury hotel.”

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The camper, equipped with all the comforts and even large enough to contain a king size mattress suitable for the “king size” of the same Hawaiian actor, is now parked in the garden of a friend of Jason’s, “quite far away”, specifies the Daily Maithere, from the house where he lived with Lisa Bonet and their two children, Nakoa-Wolf, 13 years old, and Lola, 14.

It is not known exactly when the actor left the luxurious family home, but the fact that he has parked his mobile home at a safe distance clashes with the official statements announcing the separation. «The couple suffered from the tears and changes of this period full of transformations and has decided to separate their lives with dignity and honesty “, they wrote, assuring however that”the love between us continues, evolving in ways in which it wishes to be known and experienced. We free each other to be who we are learning to be. Our unwavering devotion to this sacred life and to our children remains. Teaching them what’s possible. And that love must always prevail ».

Even friends, consulted by People, they said they were certain that theirs would not be “one of them scandalous divorces in which the former spouses throw mud on each other “, that both are” mature people “and” very spiritual “and who” will remain in peace “. However, the deep differences – including, it seems, also on the question of vaccine yes, vaccine no – which led them to be expelled.

Now Momoa, who has always been a lover of life wild, on four and two wheels, so much so as to travel around Ireland aboard a small van once the shooting of Game of Thrones, he returned to the place where, a friend reports, “more than anywhere else he feels at peace and at ease”. Moreover, it will not be a coincidence that the production company he founded has given the name of Pride of gypsies (gypsy pride).

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