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Jason Priestley on the death of his friend Luke Perry: “We must not take anything for granted and always be there for those we love”

Jason Priestleyremained in everyone’s hearts as the good boy with blue eyes Brandon Walsh of Beverly Hills 90210he recalled with emotion friend and setmate Luke Perry. Perry, who played the rebel and tormented Dylan McKay in the successful American TV series of the 90s, he died aged just 52 in March 2019five days after being rushed to hospital with a severe ischemic stroke.

Podcast host Hey Dude… The 90s Called, Jason Priestley reminisced about friendship with Perry. ​«Luke and I were great friends off set as well. He lived three blocks away from me in Los Angeles and often took his motorcycle, arrived at my house by surprise and said: “Hey man, I’m here!”» commented Priestley, 53.

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“His death was a terrible event and it made me realize how important it is to spend time with loved onesabove all don’t take anything for granted», continued the actor, who for a while wanted to forget the experience of Beverly Hills 90210. He told us less than a year ago: «I don’t know… maybe the past it must remain in the past and be preserved. I’m not one to collect trophies or material memorabilia. I prefer to avoid fueling nostalgia: Can you believe I don’t have anything from the Beverly Hills set at home? And to be honest, I’ve never had one.” What remains, however, is the strong nostalgia for the friendship with Luke Perry, which ended too soon and remained in her heart.

Source: Vanity Fair

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