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Javier Ibarreche fulfills his dream of covering the 2023 Oscar Awards and triumphs

The 2023 Oscar Awards ceremony gave us many things to talk about and one of them is the participation of the influencers Javier Ibarreche, who became famous for sharing reviews and recommendations for movies and series through TikTok during the pandemic.

A week ago, Javier, who has 9.3 million followers, shared his excitement with his fans after being invited by the TV Azteca television station to conduct the broadcast of the awards nationwide, something that represented a dream come true for him.

Javier Ibarrecje at the Oscars

Of course, this also caused excitement among his followers, because being one of the most spoiled content creators on the Internet, Javier became a trend on social networks, since users did not hesitate to show their support with messages and memes on Twitter.

It is not for less that this young man felt happy and supported by his followers, since he was present at the parade of luminaries on the red carpet of the Oscars. In addition, he interviewed various celebrities such as Antonio Banderas, Alfonso Cuarón, Jamie Lee Curtis, among others.

Javier on the red carpet with celebrities

However, despite the fact that many of us were moved to see him so happy fulfilling his dream, there are those who considered that the invitation by the television station did not make much sense if the other presenters did not allow him to interact.

In fact, several users mentioned that both Ricardo Casares, Linet Puente and Horacio Villalobos did not allow them to make interventions that would be of much more content than theirs. Maybe they have a certain reason, because even Jamie Lee Curtis herself recognized him on the red carpet. Even so, the tiktoker He shared on his networks how happy he was and confirmed that he will later tell his entire adventure at the 2023 Oscar Awards.

On the other hand, users not only expressed their annoyance with the television station through memes on Twitter, but also took the opportunity to share the moments in which Javier’s emotion was very evident. Here we have the best reactions.

1. We also wanted to cry

javier's reaction with jamie lee curtis in meme

2. We feel happy with that big smile

Javier's reaction on the red carpet

3. TV Azteca, take it to the moon for us

user reaction by javier at the oscars

4. Sometimes presenters dim your shine.

Oscar presenters reaction

5. Just a little while

User reaction to Ricardo Cazares does not let Javier speak

6. For mixed emotions

meme for the emotion of javier

7. He gave us the same vibes

comparison of javier with the puppy who met pluto

8. Yes, yes, Ricardo, we see you every day

meme of Ricardo as homer drawing attention

9. He met Gepetto and Pinocchio!

Javier Ibarreche happy with Gepeto and Pinocchio

10. We love you very much!

dog meme like javier ibarreche

Source: Okchicas

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