Javier Ibarreche talks about his sexuality and clarifies that he is not gay, but “he likes to experiment”

Javier Ibarreche talks about his sexuality and clarifies that he is not gay, but “he likes to experiment”

One of the tiktokers dearest in our country is Javier Ibarreche, the film specialist who showed us that dreams can come true after he dedicated himself to commenting on and reviewing films in the middle of the pandemic in order to entertain himself and that years later, due to his popularity, he was invited by Azteca television to cover the ceremony of the 95th Oscar Awards.

We recently saw that Ibarreche was invited to Yordi Rosado’s program, with whom he talked about various topics, including some of a personal nature. Among all of them, he caught the attention of viewers when he declared that he does not consider himself gay or bisexual despite having had relationships with other men.

In the most recent episode of The interview with Yordi RosadoJavier Ibarreche spoke a little more in depth about his personal life when answering the question about whether he is currently dating someone, to which he answered no, because he is focused on his career.

Following that, Yordi recalled that in one of his presentations of stand upIbarreche mentioned that he looked first at personality before sex, to which the tiktoker he admitted it’s true, even when it was just a running gag for his routine. Furthermore, she pointed out that it does not mean that he is gay or bisexual. In fact, he stressed that he doesn’t like these labels.

I’m not gay. However, I’ve had a couple of experiences with vatos that have been out of genuine curiosity and I was attracted to a dude for whatever reason. I don’t consider myself bisexual, because it’s not a label that bothers me either.

After these statements, Internet users spoke out about it and in most of the comments they highlighted his friendliness and authenticity without giving much importance to his story and even emphasized that the synopsis of his life, as they titled this episode with Yordi Rosado It is very interesting and that is why the list of followers of the influencer.

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