Jay-Z and Meek Mill demand that rap lyrics not be used as evidence in trials

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The Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Kelly Rowland and Killer Mike is among the stars who argue that a change in its legislation should be adopted New York which will prevent rap lyrics from being used as evidence in criminal trials.

The singers, along with them Fat Joe, Yo Gotti, Robin Thicke etc. signed a letter calling on lawmakers in her state New York support the proposed change and safeguard freedom of expression.

The bill entitled «Rap Music on Trial» was first tabled in November 2021 by its state senators New York, Brad Hillman and Jamal Bailey to prevent prosecutors from quoting verses, except in cases of “clear and convincing evidence” of the connection between verses and crime.

“The right to freedom of speech is enshrined in our federal and state constitutions,” he said at the time. Jamal Bailey. “The introduction of art as criminal evidence only serves to erode this fundamental right, and the use of rap and hip-hop lyrics in particular is emblematic of the systemic racism that pervades our criminal justice system,” he said.

Instead of recognizing rap music as a form of artistic expression, police and prosecutors argue that the lyrics should be interpreted literally – in the words of a prosecutor, as “autobiographical diaries”, the letter states, “although the genre has its roots in a long tradition of narrative that favors allegorical language, is imbued with exaggeration and uses the same poetic means found in more traditional poetic works.

The legislation went through an initial stage in State Senate earlier this week.

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