Jean-Paul Belmondo, heartthrob to the last breath

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As Stefano Montefiori recalled a few years ago there Reading, at the first auditions as an actor among the most repeated comments a Jean-Paul Belmondo there was “a rookie with ungrateful traits”, “funny Face”, or the masterpiece of the Conservatory professor, Pierre Dux, who told him: “She will never hold a woman in her arms in a movie or in the theater“. It ended that after making Godard’s film at 19 Until the last breath (1960), Belmondo became a movie star with seducer roles. And a movie seducer even in real life.

Flattened nose, strong lips, Gascon air, the Latin lover surname taken from his Piedmontese paternal family, “Bebel”, as not only his friends called him, was able to fall in love with the most beautiful women in the world known on the set (you see gallery up). Like Laura Antonelli. It was the seventies. “L’italienne” and Alain Delon’s friend / rival are loved and left for eight years. A story lived at a distance, between Rome and Paris, without even a proof of coexistence, which ended when the Brazilian singer Carlos Sotto Mayor (with whom he had a flashback thirty years later) entered the actor’s life. Before Antonelli, the “most beautiful woman in the universe” according to Luchino Visconti, Jean-Paul had made one fall in love Ursula Andress, with whom he had a stormy nine-year relationship (“You were the most possessive man I’ve ever known,” she said of him years later). But in the arms of the star to listen to the gossip of the time they also fell Gina Lollobrigida, Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren, and in France, among others, the two divas of the nouvelle vague Jean Seberg and Anna Karina.

There have certainly been many loves in Jean-Paul’s life. AND two marriages. In 1952 he went to the altar with the dancer Elodie Constantin, mother of his three daughters Patricia – who died in 1994 in a fire – Florence e Paul Alexandre, famous Formula 1 driver. In 1966, caught out after a good night, he had to to divorce by Élodie, bringing to light her new conquest: the actress and “Bond Girl” Ursula Andress, who left in 1972 when she met Laura Antonelli.

On December 29, 2002 the second wedding. With Natty Tardivel, more than thirty years younger than him e mother of her fourth daughter Stella. The two they divorced in 2008 after six years of marriage. The reason for the breakup? Another woman, of course. To be precise the former bunny of Playboy Barbara Gandolfi, from over forty years younger than him. A much discussed relationship: according to rumors she would have financially deceived the star before he resolved to leave her in 2012. For four years Jean-Paul had found apparent stability with the actress Valerie Steffen, 57 years old. Last – in chronological order – of the Belmondo widows. “I enjoyed myself like crazy», Said the actor at the Venice Film Festival in 2016, receiving the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. Enjoyed shooting movies, definitely. But also to love until the last breath.

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