Jeff Bezos’ predictions for the future: Industry in space and Earth for the “few and the select”

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Mankind will transport most of the industry into space and allow only a few and a select few to remain on our planet, which will be transformed into a huge natural resort. That’s the new space explorer, Jeff Bezos.

Her billionaire Amazon enthusiastically shared his predictions of what human civilization will look like in the future (with him helping to bring this future closer) during a speech at the Ignatius Annual Forum in Washington.

It expects huge cylindrical space colonies to rotate to create artificial gravity for millions of inhabitants to take over most of industrial production. In the meantime, the Earth will be turned into a nature reserve with limited access similar to the US national parks today.

The vision of Bezos and Blue Origin for colonies in space

The founder of Amazon said about our planet: “It is a special place that we can not destroy.”

“Millions of people will move from Earth to space with time. “And that is the vision of Blue Origin – millions of people working in space,” he said, referring to his own company.

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin

“Over the centuries, most or most of humans will be born into space. It will be their first home. They will be born in these colonies, they will live in these colonies. “They can visit Earth the way you would visit Yellowstone National Park.”

He said that the colonies themselves “will have rivers and forests and wildlife”, which undoubtedly brought his speech out of the realm of reality and to the optimistic science fiction.

“The Earth supports 10 billion people, the solar system one trillion”

Bezos referred to Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill, who proposed the concept of space habitats in 1976 as a source of inspiration for him. He said the kind of expansion he envisioned was inevitable if humanity were to grow in a sustainable way.

“This Earth can support, say, 10 billion people to some degree. “We would have to work very hard to figure out how to do this without degrading the planet. The solar system can support a trillion people,” he said.

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin

The businessman did not comment on who he thinks will decide who will live on Earth in the future, when asked by the host of the event, Adi Ignatius. If historical precedent is any indicator, privileges provided by the wealth and status of each person may be involved.

Speaking of Blue Origin, the billionaire compared his business to barns from the early days of aviation. He said that taking rich tourists on sub-orbital flights would turn them into “Ambassadors of the Earth”, who would support the expansion of space exploration in the name of protecting our planet. This will give more resources to make unmanned space travel a routine.

“The hard part is not space travel – this part was solved in the 1960s. Nor the reuse – the space shuttle did some of that. “The difficult part is the functional reuse,” he said. “It takes practice to do it right.”

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