Home Opinion Jefferson Rueda and Tássia Magalhães participate in the Tiradentes Festival

Jefferson Rueda and Tássia Magalhães participate in the Tiradentes Festival

Jefferson Rueda and Tássia Magalhães participate in the Tiradentes Festival

considered the first food festival in the country O Tiradentes Culture and Gastronomy Festival returns to the streets of the city of Minas Gerais to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

During 10 days of event, which starts this Friday (19) and continues until August 28, around 60 thousand people are expected, who will be able to check out the more than 200 gastronomic and cultural attractions through the streets of Historic center.

Live recipe preparation, points for sale of typical Minas Gerais products, concerts, artistic presentations and special dinners take care of the program.

With the theme “Mining Inconfidence “, great names of Brazilian gastronomy are confirmed in the edition.

Between them, Jefferson Rueda ofThe House of the Pig elected the 7th best restaurant in the world; Onildo Rocha which commands the news , abaru and Roccia kitchen ; Tássia Magalhães of Nelita ; Fabricio Lemos from Bahia Origin ; Gaius Soter chef of quiet , in Belo Horizonte; and Rodolfo Mayer, from angatu in straps .

Names like Ivo Faria which has participated since the first edition of the festival; Monica Rangel , Rafael Pires , Beth Beltrão and Matheus Paratella will also be there.

“It will be an epic edition, as it is our reunion with the general public, celebrating our 25th anniversary. And we are in Tiradentes, birthplace of Inconfidência Mineira, which was also one of the first emancipation movements in the country, this year in which the bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil is celebrated”, says Rodrigo Ferraz, director of Projeto Fartura, responsible for the festival.

There are three spaces that will gather visitors during the festival: Praça da Rodoviária, Santíssimo Resort and Largo das Forras.

New in the program, Santíssimo Resort welcomes live kitchens, with special recipes created by chefs from Minas Gerais restaurants. A stage in the hotel still has musical acts.

Praça da Rodoviária, which for many years has been the meeting point of the festival, brings together cultural and gastronomic attractions, with stands of Belo Horizonte it’s from straps.

In the square, the space “Brasa e Lenha” has cooking on a wood stove, griddle, brazier, grill and tripod with cauldron. Jefferson Rueda will prepare his famous Sanzé pork on the grill and Luiz Ney will make the traditional suckling pig.

Largo das Forras is an area for theoretical and interactive classes for guest chefs. On the first weekend it is possible to follow the teachings of Monica Rangel, Onildo Rocha and Caio Soter. On the second weekend, it is the turn of Ivo Faria, Juliana Duarte and Tássia Magalhães to share their skills in the kitchen.

the feasts, special and exclusive dinners created by four hands are one of the most anticipated attractions of the festival.

Eight local restaurants will host the dinners. On the 19th, for example, chef Rafael Pires, from the Mia restaurant, welcomes Fabrício Lemos, from Origin, from Salvador. On the 26th, Matheus Paratella, from Tragaluz, cooks alongside Jefferson Rueda in the city’s traditional restaurant.

Reservations can be made directly with the restaurants and depend on the maximum capacity of each establishment. Check the days and Full dinner schedule here.

25th Tiradentes Culture and Gastronomy Festival
From August 19th to 28th | Tiradentes – MG
Check full schedule here.
More information on site and Instagram.

Source: CNN Brasil



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